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Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood

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Little red riding hood is alive in Danita's world. Painted in bright watercolors, Danita captured the fairy tale girl on an original, one of a kind painting.

This little girl went to the forest to bring food to her grandmother. Let's hope that the big bad wolf does not meet her in the way.

This girl has big, expressive green eyes, the signature of Danita's amazing illustration work. The texture of the background will remind you of the deep forest where Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf and the huntsman.

You recognize the paintings Danita makes by their eyes. They are beautiful, a little sad, but full of life. They really gaze back into yours when look at them. Her original style is unmistakable.

The image is painted on a metal frame. It measures Approx. 8" x 6" inches, and the painting measures 5.5" x 3.5" inches.

Ready to hang on your favorite wall, it has a piece of thread on the back, so you can hang it when you unpack it.

A perfect gift for someone who loves fantasy art, fairy tales or unique images with Danita's pop surrealist style.

The painting is not too big, not too small and looks great hanging on any wall, maybe in your home, or maybe in your office where you can see it all day.

Danita packs the painting with gift wrap, she like to use a vintage style gift wrap, using brown paper and twine, like a package from a store in the early 1900's. If this painting is a gift, you are covered!
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