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Ask Alice

Ask Alice

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Alice in Wonderland is featured in many of Danita's original paintings. The whimsical and surreal nature of the story and her adventures in the land of nonsense has inspired your favorite mixed media artist to paint her very unique version of the book.

I wanted to try new techniques and to move along to a different style in illustration and painting. The difficult part is doing it without losing the whimsical nature and the beautiful, expressive eyes I paint.

Alice is posing for me on this watercolor portrait of Alice in Wonderland with the traditional blue dress and bow on her head. The textured surface of the paper I painted her on is perfect for her facial features to pop out to you.

Her big blue eyes have tiny sparkles that fill everything with light and bring her expression to life, just like she was going to pop out ot the frame to meet you.

Little mushrooms and toadstool in gold around her complete the surreal feel for this painting, where the line between real and imagination blur. 

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