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Dorothy of Oz

Dorothy of Oz

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The wizard of Oz celebrated a 75th anniversary very recently and I decided to create a very special hand made doll for the occasion.

This amazingly detailed doll measures 14 inches tall, completely hand made by me, Danita Art with patterns and clothes of my own design and confection.

Dorothy is wearing a blue apron dress and cute pig tails on her read hair, held together with hand dyed ribbon. The little dress has amazing details like tiny buttons holding it together.

Her feet and hands are made out of cast resin, and her slippers are the real thing, covered in ruby red glitter so she can click her heels and go home.

Her eyes have my signature look, they full of life and are ready go down the yellow brick road as you play with her, she can easily stand light play, after all, I love to play with my own dolls.

Place her under an amazing glass case or on your favorite shelf, she will look amazing and ready for more adventures in the wonderland of your imagination, she includes three vintage happy meal dolls with her friends of Oz, the Lion, the scarecrow and the tin man. All together ready for adventure on the land of Oz!

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