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This is Alice in wonderland, painted by Danita Art. An original mixed media surrealist painting  with a very whimsical touch and the beautiful, expressive eyes that make the art of Danita instantly recognizable.

This is the painting I will be demonstrating on the class videos for EVER AFTER 2017, the collaborative class where I am participating with Alice in Wonderland as the central theme. you can learn more on the official signup site at

Are you interested in owning this beautiful painting? Then keep reading! It measures 10x10 Inches, painted on a thick, gallery wrap style wood panel.

There are beautiful details to this original painting, like the Cheshire cat's eyes, they have a very special light to them, and they are just a little bit mad. Because we are all mad here, you know?

Alice is sporting beautiful white bunny rabbit ears, maybe she is me dressed up as Alice, or maybe she caught up with the white rabbit after all.. What do you think?



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