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This little blonde girl has the sweetest face! She looks innocent and pure, just like a little girl.

A handmade art doll by me, Danita Art. She is completely handmade from patters and designs on my own. Starting by cutting the fabric for her soft body, I sew and fill my doll's bodies, then I design their clothes while I sculpt their faces in paper clay.

Their sweet faces and their incredibly expressive eyes are painted by me using the same mixed media techniques I use on my paintings. I want them to have eyes that speak to you, since every single one of the dolls I make has a little piece of my soul within them.

Their dresses are also designed by me, each one fitting the doll's personality. This little girl has a red fluffy dress in a flowery pattern and shabby cuffs on her hands. It really fits her personality.

She will be very happy to hear you adopted her, and you will fall in love with her when you look at her eyes for the first time.

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