Evil cat clown

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This art doll will be in exhibit on BEWITCHED V at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM, USA from October 2nd until November 1st. Please contact me at danita@danitaart.com if you are interested in purchasing it before the show is over.

This one comes straight from my childhood nightmares. A spooky clown, add scary nighttime light and an active imagination and you have a recipe for disaster. What you really can't tell from the grin is it's actually friendly or downright scary. And I have a feeling that I will know his intentions until it's too late.

This whimsical Halloween clown cat was made from an upcycled Kelly doll, the original head is covered with a hand painted spun cotton head and handmade clothes of my own design.

The doll measures approximately 4 1/2 inches tall, with a very detailed face with lively eyes and a big teethed grin. Clothes are made by hand and they are of my own design from vintage and new fabrics I find on thrifty stores and weird places where I like to snoop for materials.