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Flying away

Flying away

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I have a dream of flying away, far far away where things are beautiful and I have no care in the world.

That's why I always paint myself riding paper collage birds, with beautiful paper wings and beeswax fathers, just like this original painting.

I used a very dark hue of beeswax for this, and used a rich and deeply pigment color pallete with paper and carved flowers created using encaustic wax techniques.

Every flower in here has a collage paper background, and then it was covered in beeswax and carved and decorated with encaustic paints for a very dreamy and surreal look.

The painting will be perfect to sooth you during the stressful hours of the day, it is a delight for all the senses. your eyes are pleased to see a beautiful and dream like image, while your nose is caressed by the mixed aromas of wax and hone that emanate as you slowly slide your fingers through it to enjoy the silky texture of the beeswax.

Definitively, the girl and her bird are a sight for sore eyes.

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