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Frida in a colorful dress

Frida in a colorful dress

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This is my first doll with an sculpted face. I am experimenting a lot with new materials and I decided to give sculpting a face a go, and what better subject than my muse and inspiration, Frida Kahlo?

this doll has an astonishingly detailed face, with hand sculpted features and incredibly expressive eyes, melancholic and a bit sad, with my now signature style. She has something to say to the viewer, what secret is he holding behind those eyes on the brink of tears?

Her arms and legs are handmade ceramic, hand poured and decorated by me with beautiful details like an aged patina and stockings and laces on her boots.Her clothes are made out of a colorful flowery fabric from a pattern from my own design and completely hand made from authentic Mexican fabrics, just like the ones used by our ethnic groups on their colorful traditional outfits.

She measures about 16 inches tall, with a soft body and articulated hands and legs so you can place her on your favorite shelf, and she will look amazing inside a standing glass case where you can display this amazing work of art, an original mixed media doll by me, Danita Art.

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