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Frida y Diego - Wood Kokeshi art dolls by Danita

Frida y Diego - Wood Kokeshi art dolls by Danita

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are one of the most famous couples in the 20th century Mexican art scene. Their love for each other is legendary.

I recently visited their homes in Mexico city and after I came back to the studio I decided to make them as Kokeshi dolls.

They are hand painted on a wooden peg, each little doll measures approx. 2.5 Inches tall and their faces and clothes were painted by me, Danita.

Diego and Frida hace a brush on their hands, and paint and palette on the other, and they live on a tiny replica of their blue house (La casa azul) where they lived in Coyoacan, Mexico.

You can use the house as a prop when you display them on your favorite glass case, or maybe on your shelf or desk, and when you need to store them, their house can be used as a hand painted container.

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