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Frosty the snowman

Frosty the snowman

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The Christmas tree ornaments are here!!!

I made a series of holiday ornaments using spheres with a window in front to create super adorable dioramas using my mini Kokeshi dolls and vintage Christmas ornaments I rescued from a second hand store.

The little tiny ornaments that one adorned a tree are the perfect companion to my handmade Kokeshi mini dolls, and I knew that I had to combine them together in spheres covered in fine glitter snow to make the perfect Christmas tree ornaments!

The Kokeshi Doll and the vintage ornaments are fixed inside the glittery sphere, making a little winter scene inside each one them, and in the outside, shiny vintage style tinsel garland makes everything very festive.

The ornaments are meant to be a collection, but you can purchase them individually if you wish. They have a little loop to hang them from your tree, or you can place them on a shelf or your dinner table during Christmas dinner. Either way, they will be delighted to be the center of attention when your kids and friends see them.

Get your favorite while it's available. They are unique handmade pieces that will not be repeated. With the vintage ornaments used up, I can't reproduce them even if I wanted to!

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