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This beautiful original art doll by Danit Art was inspired by the beautiful colors of Autumn, falling leaves and pine cones I find on my Forest walks.

Her name is Gaia, mother Earth. She is dressed in a dark blue handmade gown representing the blue night sky, now that days are getting longer.

I sew a leave pattern on one side her gown and she has tiny natural pine cones as embellishments to her dress.

On her green hair, made from natural wool that is hand dyed, she has a crown of pine cones.

Her hands and feet are made with ceramics I pour myself, and her face is also sculpted from a ceramic and paper clay, with her lively eyes and face hand painted and detailed by me.

She measures approx. 7 inches tall, and can be posed in any position, and can stand with a doll base.

If you prefer, she can be displayed in a shelf or inside a glass case (Not included) to showcase your beautiful original Danita Art handmade doll.  

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