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One of my favorite things in the world is to paint in watercolors. I just love to see the paint flow on the paper, and how little blots of color slowly mix with each other to create beautiful shapes that turn into flowers, cats, girls and landscapes. It's magical.

I also love beautiful things. They bring joy to my heart and fill me with happiness. I wanted to paint beautiful things using beautiful things, so I created a series of artist palettes to be used on my studio, and today I am sharing some of them with you.

After all, what better way to find inspiration than by using beautiful things to create even more beautiful things?

You are looking at an original handmade ceramic artist brush / pencil / water holder by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art. Each one is a unique work of art on itself, designed and hand built by me, Idania Salcido. It will add a beautiful handmade touch to any artist's studio, and it's cute details and handmade paint wells will let your inspiration flow freely. 

They are made of glazed ceramic to hold your favorite medium. I prefer watercolors, but they can also hold acrylics, inks and oil paints, and can be easily cleaned with water or mineral spirits. 

It will feel just a home in your studio or paint area, it has felt pads on the bottom to protect delicate surfaces when used to hold your brushes, pencils or water as you paint :)

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