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In the garden

In the garden

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I really like working on my little garden. Living on the desert does not give me much of a choice of what I can grow outside, but I love caring for my hardy plants and watching them grow and bloom in bright colors. My little garden gives me peace :)

this is an original painting by me, Danita. It is a mixed media collage created on an 8x8 inches wood panel that is ready to hang or display on a shelf.

The girl in this painting is caring for her cactus and succulent plant garden, watering her plants with a paper watering can that matches her red paper dress.

Her eyes are very expressive, you can see in her expression how much she loves to care for her little container garden.

This painting was aged with my signature patina effect to make it look worn and shabby, and it will be the perfect gift or decoration for someone with a green thumb. I am sure anyone who loves plants will fall for this super cute painting of a brunette gardener.

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