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I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

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I wanted to reinterpret fairy tales and fantasy books using plastic dolls rescued from thrift stores after I found them abandoned and discarded on a pile.

They were going to be the perfect beginning for another Darknita Art project, the deranged storybook bunnies.

They have the cute and adorable look I am known for, but with a touch of the darkness that lurks within me all the time, just below the surface waiting for a chance to be let out.

She has a beautiful blue dress, a bow adorning her spun cotton ears and red glitter shoes that I decorated myself using vintage style glitter.

Dorothy the bunny is mounted on a wood box that measures 6x8 inches, aged using mixed media techniques and an alchemy of materials that I used on everything you see here, from her aged and distressed spun cotton face, and a spun cotton Dog that is inside her basket.

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