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You don't mess with witches if you want to stay the way you are... Jill and her brother Jack were two kids that were told not to play on a beautiful but strange garden that belonged to a witch. They did not heed their parent's advice and one day they trespassed the fence surrounding it and played in it. The witch was upset because they came in without asking permission first, so she said "Since you like this garden so much, now you will be a part of it!" and she turned Jill into a pumpkin girl.

And now, this pumpkin girl is living on Danita's studio while she looks for a forever home. It is an amazing handmade Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkin doll.

Her head is made of paper clay, with astonishing glass eyes that look right back at you when gaze on them. There is a lot of detail on the pumpkin's facial expression with sculpted features around the eyes and mouth.

She is wearing a black and green velvet and tulle dress with orange velvet applications, a tattered orange and black bow in her neck and tiny orange buttons that accent her dress. Striped black and white socks really complement her outfit!

Her hand and feet are made of sculpted green leaves with great attention to detail to make this a beautiful soft sculpture, perfect to decorate your table on Halloween night.

Carefully handmade with whimsical folk art roots, the spooky ghosts, witches, vampires, ghouls, and jack-o-lantern art dolls, toys and home decorations of Danita are full of Halloween mystery and lore.

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