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La Catrina

La Catrina

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La catrina, or the elegant woman, is a classical symbol that represents everything about "El Día de Muertos", the day of the dead.

Frida Kahlo was a great lover of death, and what a better opportunity to celebrate one of the most important Mexican traditions than dressing up Frida as a Catrina?!

So, I went ahead and made this beautifully hand crafted paperclay art doll. Her hand painted face is colorful and full of details, from the scribbled color marks to her deep, expressive eyes.

Her ceramic hands are paints with black gloves and she has a little skeleton friend, made from a traditional day of the dead children's toy.

Her dress is made with skull themed fabric matching her little friend's colors, and she is wearing black boots that I painted with white lace.

If you are a Frida lover, this amazing art doll will be perfect for your collection of original, one of a kind Danita art.

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