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Lady Clementine

Lady Clementine

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She is pure innocence. She is royalty. She is a unicorn.

Sometimes, I have an idea on the back on my mind, sleeping so deeply that I did not know I had it. Then, one day, it wakes up and she walk into the world.

That was the case with Lady Clementine. I started working on her and apparently out of nowhere, the idea came and I placed a glittery horn in her forehead, and the rest is history.

with a bit of magic dust, glitter, inspiration and the magic of love she jumped from my world into ours.

She is wearing a vaporous white gown, lacy and innocent just like her. Her pink hair flows with the wind and compliments the beautiful white Lilly she wears as a hairpiece, protected by the power of her magical horn.

Her face is sculpted by hand, with the most astonishing blue eyes with shiny sparkles on them, catching some of the magic that lives within her. As she turns her head and her posable arms, she looks alive, and she might as well be, because, like all my other dolls, a tiny piece of my soul lives in her, waiting to be nurtured by your love when you hold her in your hands and gently play with her. 

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