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Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood

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Little red riding hood is another doll part of my obsession with this beautiful fairy tale. I did a couple of paintings for my latest art exhibition, and then I set to make a doll with her as well, being one of my favorite fairy tales, she turned out really beautiful.

I made all her clothes myself using fabric scraps from different sources, and I used vintage lace for her trousers and sleeves. She is also wearing a fleece red hood that can be taken down to see her face and black hair, and ca be removed entirely if you desired. but then.... She would not be Red riding hood, right?

Her hand sculpted face is made with paper clay, with the most beautiful blue eyes in a sweet, sweet freckled face to gaze upon.

She measures about 12 inches tall, with a soft body and moving hands and legs so you can place her on your favorite shelf, and she will look amazing inside a standing glass case or sitting on a shelf, where you can display this amazing work of art, an original mixed media doll by me, Danita Art.

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