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Well, you know my obsession with a certain fairy tale, and how I love making art about it. So, here it is... Little red riding hood, this time as a beautiful handmade art doll.

I sculpted her face in paper clay, and I used a beautiful pair of green glass eyes for her face. Everything about her has little details that make this little red riding hood art doll a unique piece.

Freckles in her cheeks, ruby red lips and a little cute nose, and the wolf painted in her apron... Everything makes this doll look alive, and when you pick her up in your hands and play with her, you'll see how lovely she really is.

And you know, you really can't call this a little red riding hood art doll without a wolf, am I right? So I made a friend for her with hand painted fabrics. In my version, they are friends, and she goes out to the forest to play with her best friend the wolf.

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