LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE BIG BAD WOLF - Original sculpted paper clay art doll by Danita

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My love for classic fairy tales always inspires and influences my work, and Little Red Riding Hood is a story that always ends up on my art doll collection.

I created the lovely couple in a set of approx 7" art dolls mounted on a base for display. Little Red Riding Hood's lovely face is detailed and sculpted by hand, then painted using my melancholic eyes. She looks so alive and ready to go to Grandma's house!

Next to her, the big bad wolf follows her, dressed as grandma, complete with lovely glasses, a blue shawl and striped pants.

Everything on this doll set is so lovely! They can be displayed on a windowsill, a table or under a bell jar to keep dust away. Any way you display them, they will certainly be the focus of your decoration.

They are unique and one of a kind, never to be repeated handmade items by me, Danita Art. Adopt them while you can!