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Marielena is a punk rocker. She is kind and compassionate and will help if she can, but she is also strong and independent, determined live to the fullest and in her own terms. No one owns her heart but her, and she will not give the key away until everything that has to be done and seen has been done and seen.

Every doll I create is unique and inspired by true events and emotions in my life. Take her for instance, inspired by the compassionate but independent spirit of my daughter, this is how I imagine her in a few years. A beautiful girl who rules her own life, on her own terms.

She is wearing a black and white outfit with a tulle skirt and striped lace blouse, and a winged keyhole in her heart, with the key belonging to herself and no one else. She is the owner of her destiny.

Her hand sculpted face has the most beautiful blue eyes, and freckles to give her a sweet, sweet face to gaze upon. Everything is strong and kind about her, she will be the perfect gift for that independent woman in your life.

She measures about 13 inches tall, with a soft body and moving hands and legs so you can place her on your favorite shelf, and she will look amazing inside a standing glass case or sitting on a shelf, where you can display this amazing work of art, an original mixed media doll by me, Danita Art.

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