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Monochrome watercolor study #1 - Original ACEO watercolor painting

Monochrome watercolor study #1 - Original ACEO watercolor painting

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Whenever I need my creativity to flow again, I take my watercolors and paper and start doing very free and informal work just to let my creative side get worked up. Just dropping the wet pigment over the paper and watching how the medium has a live on it's own while it flows and gets absorbed in the paper makes me so very happy!

Most of the originals that come from these sessions are very personal works and you don't get to see them every time, but I love how they look. Even when it's a completely different medium than the one I usually work with, you can see myself and my style reflected in it. From the beautiful eyes to simple lines that make this ACEO card, it's a Danita original on it's own accord.

This painting arrives with a cute little 4x3 inches frame, ready to place in your desk or hang on your wall. Anywhere where you need a little cheerful mini Danita girl, she will be there to make your day brighter!
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