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piCATsso - A lovely artist cat doll by Danita

piCATsso - A lovely artist cat doll by Danita

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Danita is in love with cats, specially the tuxedo ones. And when I was making this paper clay sculpture I knew I had to make it special. I was thinking what to do with it when one of my kids suggested to make it a piCATsso :)

So, this original art doll by Danita is an artist called piCATsso. I love it! He measures approx. 10" tall, wears a silk scarf, a bonnet and he has his very own painter's palette and brush.

He even has his very own signed artwork to go with him! It can be placed on your favorite shelf, or in a table under a glass bell jar, or maybe next to your creative area so he can help you create.

Don't you just want to adopt him!?

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