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Selene, the vampire

Selene, the vampire

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I have a fascination for dark and strange tales, and Halloween is the perfect time to let my fascination unleashed. I like to transform my whimsical girls into ghouls, ghosts and vampires and set them in very original settings.

This time I found several coffin shaped canvases and I started painting girls in them. They are original paper collage paintings, their dresses are made with paper, and their beautiful faces hand painted with my usual alchemy of mixed media materials like acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils and a vintage patina that gives them a very dark atmosphere.

They will be the perfect decoration for this Halloween season! They come ready to be hanged on your favorite wall, or maybe placed on a shelf or your coffee table where they will be resting until the darkest night of the year.

Did you know I have installment plans available? Contact me for more information!

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