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The friendly ghost - Vintage thread spool kokeshi Halloween art doll by Danita

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I love taking old, vintage items like wooden thread spools I find abandoned in thrifty shops, second hand stored and other unexpected places and transform them using paint, fabric and lots of love.

I took one of those vintage thread spools and turned it into a cute ghost. She has that vintage look from the wicked witch from the west and it was given the Danita folk art doll treatment.

I used velvet fabric scraps, mini fluffy pompoms, ancient Halloween tinsel and a festive paper hat. Head is a wooden sphere with sculpted paper clay applications to make it a unique, one of a kind art doll.

With Halloween around the corner, this little whimsical and mischievous doll is the perfect home decor for someone who appreciates one of a kind items to create a spooky yet adorable atmosphere in your home with original decorations.