Ladybug insect original watercolor painting by Danita Art
Insect bug red ladybug painting watercolor mixed media watercolor painting by Danita Art
Closeup of the beautiful eyes Danita paints in her original watercolor anthropomorphic surrealist portraits. Ladybug insect bug beetle.
This red ladybug painting watercolor by Danita Art looks fantastic as home decoration or wall art.
The beautiful eyes Danita creates on her paintings make for beautiful art from the heart, just like this red ladybug beetle girl.


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Danita painted a new series of watercolor paintings. Anthropomorphic animal characters, half human, half woodland critter. 

This little lady bug is a painting I made thinking about my niece, who loves ladybugs.

This whimsical and surrealist ladybug girl is a real, true Danita original. Danita's characters have a child like appearance, but not everything is what it seems. There's something else hiding in their eyes. As with all Danita's work, You recognize Danita by the eyes.

They are beautiful, a little sad, but full of life. They really gaze back into yours when look at them. Her original style is unmistakable.

The girl in a butterfly costume measures 5.5 x 8 inches, made in beautiful watercolors over a metal frame.

Ready to hang on your favorite wall, it has a piece of thread on the back, so you can hang it when you unpack it.

A perfect gift for someone who loves fantasy art, unique images with Danita's pop surrealist style.

The painting is not too big, not too small and looks great hanging on any wall, maybe in your home, or maybe in your office where you can see it all day.

Arrives gift wrapped in a vintage style gift wrap, using brown paper and twine, like a package from a store in the early 1900's. If this painting is a gift, you are covered!