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Prima marketing watercolor confections painting travel kit by Danita

Prima marketing watercolor confections painting travel kit by Danita

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I just can't stop creating, and when I travel for more than a few days from the studio I need to find a way to give in to my desire for making art.

The ideal situation will be to travel with a lot of art stuff on a suitcase for when I get the urge to paint, but then it's another thing carry and keep track of. And then I am afraid that the airline may loose my most important suitcase!

With that in mind, I looked for a good solution to my problem and I came across a great set of paintings in a little travel tin from Prima marketing. 12 colors that will keep you busy while you create little masterpieces in the little 2.5" x 4.25" paper pad included in the kit.

The brush in this kit is a Kuretake water brush, perfect for watercoloring on the go. The body of this brush holds a few ounces of water to wet the removable watercolor pans stored in the included tin case, that also has two collapsible lids to mix your own colors as you paint.

Keep this kit on your on the go backpack or your art bag and you will always be ready to create beautiful art whenever the urge strikes you, no matter where you are!

Included in this kit:

  • 12 interchangeable watercolor paint half pans.
  • Travel metal case with enameled surfaces and paint wells for mixing.
  • Kuretake travel waterbrush.
  • 24 pack of 2.5" x 4.25" watercolor paper.
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