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Who is it?

Who is it?

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Exploring mixed media is always an adventure. to be hones, I never know where will my next art pice will take me. Take this book for example. I picked it up from a thrifty store. Originally it was plain and boring.

A little arting later, I turned it into a beautiful work of art. I drilled a round hole in the cover, and I drew a beautiful face on the first page. She is done in pencil and graphite, and nothing more.

The book has a very rough finish. I love the ragged edges in the hole, and then the battered corners. I wanted it to keep looking old and shabby, but beautiful.

The book measures 8 x 10 inches, hardcover edition. Looks like it came from a school or public library from the markings on it, and as you can see it's old and battered. You can use it to decorate your end tables, or put it on a shelf and display the cover, or maybe frame it of you feel like it. Any way you choose, it will be a beautiful home decoration. 

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